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TruTaskClient is part of TruAI SDK so you will be able to customize a task through this module of Python SDK.
This guide will show you how to import, configure and use Tru AI Task Module to get, create and update a custom task/process and use it on ML Pipeline.


To start using TruTaskClient module you need first to import the package

from gjirafatech.truai.task import TruTaskClient, TaskType

After importing the package you have to initialize an object of the TruTaskClient class.

task = TruTaskClient()

Task Type

Task Type is an enum that defines types of task used to create the task.

Task Type includes six options
1. Read
2. Preprocess
3. Train
4. Evaluate
5. Postprocess
6. Deploy


MethodDescriptionReturn type
getGet taskTask
createCreate taskbool
updateUpdate taskbool